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This is my wishlist.
If you can help me, just send a short eMail to Linda-chan@t-online.de

Thank you very much!

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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Aishite Night
An opening or ending cel of AISHITE NIGHT is something for what I'd pay anything. Will Give Kidney
I would LOVE to have a cel of Yaeko and Joe standing together or kissing each others. Very High
I am looking for ALL cels of Georgie especially for this scene! Very High
Heidi/ Alps no shojo Heidi
I am looking for ALL cels of HEIDI! Very High
Rainbow Brite
Any cels of Rainbow Brite! I have found 2 on the web, but the owners don't want to sell. So if you know where I could get one, please tell me! Very High
Robin Hood
I am searching for ANY cels of Robin Hood! High
Cels from all seasons' openings or endings!!!! Will Give Kidney
I am looking for cels of all Chibiusa and Pegasus scenes!!! Will Give Kidney
Versailles no bara/Rose of Versailles
A cute cel of Marie Antoinette, Oscar or Andre would be VERY nice. Very High
World Masterpiece Theatre Series
I am looking for cels of the WORLD MASTERPIECE THEATRE series like Sara, Anette, Pollyanna, Tico and many more. High

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